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Saving for Retirement? This is How to Determine How Much to Save

Understanding the best amount to save for retirement is one of the most crucial aspects of financial planning. This will help in having enough liquidity to fulfill all the basic requirements along with the additional expenses that cannot really be planned for in advance. This will also help in staying financially protected throughout retirement. Before starting with the selection of which investment options to park the funds in, you should learn how to determine the ideal amount to save for your retirement

Listed below are the factors that need to be considered to arrive at this amount:

Considering Lifestyle and related Expenses

The starting point for retirement planning is estimating the expenses incurred on a day to day basis as part of the lifestyle costs. This step involves some basic mathematics wherein you set an estimate of a year for your lifestyle expenses and include some margin as well to accommodate unforeseen but highly probable expenses.


Inflation tends to be a real spoilsport when it comes to financial planning for the future. As the buying power of money reduces by the day, you need to account for it and save or invest accordingly. Current rate of inflation and future projected rates should be considered, and based on them, retirement should be planned.

Contingency Funds

Coverage for emergency situations is provided by the amount set aside as contingency funds which is over and above the daily expenses. This should be a substantial amount that will help in tiding over difficult times without too much hassle.

With these factors in mind and by investing in lucrative but safe options such as fixed deposits, gold and mutual funds, your retirement can be carefree.

You can know more about investing in these options by following the resource given below:

How Much you Need to Save for Retirement?

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