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4 Investment Alternatives to Gain Highest Return on Investment

Investment, whether done for a short tenor or for a long one, the objective of the investor in both cases remains same - to gain profits from the sum invested. So, if you are on the lookout for good investment options, below are some alternatives that can yield the highest return on investment.

  1. Fixed deposit: Fixed deposit is a fitting option for investors looking for high-interest yielding investment solutions. As an investor, you can expect the returns to be as high as 7.85% per annum (The same can be up to 8.20% per annum in case of a senior citizen). However, there are other factors that make a fixed deposit the top choice: highest investment safety, tenor flexibility and promised sum upon maturity.
  2. Mutual funds: Investment in mutual funds is a bit risky but the risk is relatively lower than investing directly in the share market. Your investment is managed by expert fund managers and they know their job at their fingertips. The return on investment is higher compared to other alternatives but the risk on investment is considerably higher.
  3. Real estate investment: Investment in real-estate has been in existence for so long, it has become an obvious choice for investors looking for good profit. Furthermore, owing to the process of industrialization, the property rates are going to rise in the coming years and investors are going to earn a hefty profit.
  4. Investment in gold: Investment in gold is a very common form of investment solution opted by almost everyone. You can close your eyes while investing in gold and expect a relatively higher return.
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