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Fixed Deposits - Safe and Ideal Investment Option for Women

A fixed deposit combines the safety and security of a savings instrument with the high returns and profitability of an investment vehicle. They are offered by both banks and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). Depending on the chosen financial institution, the investor can earn returns of anything between 4% to more than 8% per annum from an FD. For a woman investor who can be a homemaker with a substantial corpus built over a period of time, a working woman who has just received a good bonus for her hard work or a self-employed lady who is making good profits from her venture - fixed deposits for women are a feasible choice for all as they offer high returns without too much worry or hassle.

Listed below are a few factors that explain why FD's are a feasible investment choice for all the women out there:

Sizeable Returns on Investment

By choosing the right investment scheme, one can earn as much as 7.85% from the FD every year. This is for individuals who are younger than 60 years. Senior citizen investors who are older than 60 years stand to earn a higher rate of interest than this value. For such investors, returns are of the range of 8.20%.

Assurance of Returns

In contrast to market dependent investment schemes like mutual funds, stocks, bonds and equities, FDs provide assured returns as per the decided rate of interest. There is no impact or risk of loss associated with market fluctuations.

Loans Against FD

The invested sum being locked in for the decided tenure can be a disadvantage when the investor faces a dire need for funds. However, select financial institutions offer loans against fixed deposits. By availing this feature, the investor can avail a loan against the deposited amount without withdrawing the funds prematurely and incurring any penalty for the same.

In addition to these benefits, there are several other factors such as tax benefits and flexibility of tenure that make ideal fixed deposits for women.

You can know more about these benefits and more from the reference provided here: Safe Investment Choice for Women


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