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Mutual Funds to FD, Make the Right Choice

Whether it’s fixed deposit or mutual funds, each of them has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you go with the opinions of established investor, they prefer FD over mutual funds. Why? Higher safety, better returns, and principal amount flexibility.

Feeling like you made the wrong decision by investing in mutual funds? Don’t worry! Even if you have already invested your money in mutual funds, you can retrace your money and reinvest the same in fixed deposit. This helps you avoid further loss of money in mutual funds and guarantees higher investment safety. 

Here are few More Advantages of FD over Mutual Funds:

FD Interest Rate: Fixed deposit offer high interest rate up to 8.10% per annum which is reasonable for an investor looking for security along with profits.

Flexible Tenure: Fixed deposit offer tenor flexibility facility. This means you can choose the maturity period of your investment. You can invest for 100 days or 10 years, whichever seems suitable.

Tax Benefits: Tax saver FDs in which you can invest up to 1.5 lakh and receive money without any tax deductions upon maturity.

Safety from Market Fluctuations: Your investment remains safe even after multiple market fluctuations and you get what you were promised at the time of investment. 

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