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Is Fixed Deposit the Best mode of Investment?

You are thinking of investment, that is a good habit. But, whether you will get benefitted or not, completely dependent upon in which mode of investment you are putting your money. Investment if done at the right time and in the right direction can reshape the future of an individual.

There are many investment sources in the market; some may provide high returns on investment, and at the same time, they come with high risks that can make you lose your invested capital. That is the reason, to get satisfactory returns from your investment, you can opt to invest in Fixed Deposit which is a best way of starting.

In Fixed Deposit you deposit a considerable amount of money with your service provider and gain returns in the form of interest rates offered by them.  
  • They are safe-It is not at all dependent on market fluctuations, so it is completely safe and secured.
  • Insurance of the amount upto INR 1 lakh- To tackle the money loss fear of the investor, service providers offer insurance.
  • Better perks for senior citizens- People above 60 years get higher rate of interest on Senior Citizen FD scheme.
  • Closure of FDs before maturity
  • Tax saving
  • Earn more through frequent compound

This segment will help you to understand about why Fixed Deposit is best for starting investment and how fixed deposit gives you benefit on investing. 

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