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Different Schemes For Investment in India

When it comes to investment, there are endless options. However, here are few of the most preferred investment options.

  1. Fixed Deposit Scheme
  2. Fixed Deposit is a financial instrument offered by banks and NBFCs to investors at high interest rate until the maturity date. The fixed deposit interest rate may range from 5-7% and is offered for a duration of 6-24 months depending upon your choice. 
  3. Senior Citizen Savings Scheme:
  4. Outright, the best investment option for senior citizens which helps to secure your retirement life. If you are above the age of 60 years, this is the best investment avenue. The Senior Citizen Savings Scheme offers a higher interest rate, tax saving instrument and liquidity as well.
  5. Money Market Funds:

  6. It is one of the favourable investment options if you are looking to yield high returns on short-term investments. Money Market Funds is also known as liquid funds, wherein, liquidity is the main objective. MMF offers higher returns than savings. However, it is the liquidity feature which attracts investors the most.  
  7. Gold Investment:
  8. A major portion of assets in India comes from Indian households via gold. Indians like to invest in gold and real estate, and thus, it makes up for the significant share of assets. This is because of a sizeable return on investment.
Apart from these, there are many more investment options available in India. But ensure that you calculate the risk as well as the return before you make any move.

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