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Making Best Use of An FD and the Interest Earned from it

Fixed deposit is the smart saving option and it is one of the most sought-after savings instruments for investors as they combine both safety and assured returns.

Their Features Include:
  • Flexible tenure options of 6-120 months which do not deprive you of funds when you need them.
  • Guaranteed returns (despite changing market dynamics) which can be easily calculated using an FD interest rate calculator.
  • Interest payout can be monthly/quarterly/annually as per depositors’ preference
  • FDs can be compounded periodically, meaning interest earned on the principal is reinvested (done quarterly by most banks).
  • Secured loans can be availed against FDs for amounts lower than its maturity value.
  • Partial/full withdrawal on FDs on payment of 1% penalty on the original interest rate.
  • Deposit insurance with maximum coverage worth 1 lakh rupees from the bank holding an FD account.

Interest Calculation on FD

A sizeable FD investment with a monthly interest payout serves as a steady income source, especially for retired individuals who have parked their gratuity and retirement benefits in an FD. The interest from FD it is an assured source of Income this kind of the investment very helpful for retired persons.

Using an FD interest rate calculator and Microsoft Excel, one can track the interest earned and the maturity amounts for multiple FDs.

There are many banks and NBFCs with good credit ratings offering high interest rates and flexible interest payouts on their fixed deposits.
Know How to Calculate Monthly Interest on Fixed Deposit

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